Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the United States. For many of us that means being outdoors hiking, camping, going to the beach, lake or river. Of course, we want to bring our smartphones and tablets along to capture all of the fun and memories. We have protected our electronics against the elements with our favorite Otterbox or Lifeproof cases. However, most have not thought about having a rugged portable charger for those quick charge situations.


Mophie Powerstation Pro Charger MSRP $99.95

The Mophie Powerstation Pro has an aluminum exterior with a rubberized frame to protect against impact, water, and dust with an IP rating of IP-65. The 6000 mAh internal battery at 2.1 amps provides two complete charges to an iPhone 6 Plus or provide a charge to a tablet. The Powerstation Pro weighs in just short of 13 ounces. The micro USB used to charge the Powerstation Pro and the full sized USB are protected by a rubber seal that can be difficult to open. However, this is needed to keep the seal intact.


Large battery capacity perfect for charging multiple devices or 1 device multiple times. The Powerstation Pro is perfect for a weekend hiking or camping trip where you will not be able to find an electrical outlet for a day or two.


The Powerstation Pro cannot withstand being submerged in water. Activities like kayaking or other watersports that have the possibility of submerging the battery pack in water are not advised. The rubber seals used to access the USB connectors are difficult to open.


MyCharge All Terrain Portable Charger MSRP $39.99

The MyCharge All Terrain Portable charger has a ruggedized rubber exterior with an IP rating of IP-68. The 3000 mAh internal battery at 2.1 amps provides one complete charge of an iPhone 6 Plus and weighs in at 3.5 ounces. The micro USB used to charge the battery pack and full sized USB are protected by a single flip-top rubber seal that opens easily.


The IP-68 rating makes the MyCharge All Terrain charger a perfect choice for situations where water submersion is likely. It is light-weight and can easily fit in your pocket.


The My Charge All Terrain only provides a single full charge to a smartphone and will not provide a full charge to a tablet.

Bottom line:

Both Chargers are great choices depending on what you plan to do. The Mophie Powerstation Pro is great for charging multiple devices or the same device a couple of times. The MyCharge All Terrain is perfect for those day trips and situations where the battery pack could be submerged in water. Either way you cannot go wrong.