I admit I have resisted blogging for a decade. Friends and colleagues have suggested I blog about an array of completely different topics that I cover but I resisted because I felt that I could never specialize in just one area and too many things would end up on the editing room floor so to speak.  The other reason I had no interest in blogging is because it sounded too much like work and I already have way too much on my plate.  I am a professional journalist and author who covers a vast array of topics including consumer technology, wine, food, travel and other topics for national publications, TV, and radio. Sometimes these stories, articles, recipes, or reviews appear under my own name and sometimes they do not. I spend a fair amount of time ghost writing for other personalities or companies.

So why am I willing to turn over a new leaf and start this blog? My primary reason for starting this blog is to share my thoughts and passions with whomever is interested in learning more about me or a particular topic. I have met so many incredible people over the years. Each one of those people have touched my life, and inspired in some way. In getting to know some of those people, I realized each individual has various facets to their lives that we don’t see or learn about because it doesn’t come up in every day conversation. In many cases, it is surprising to learn how much we have in common or how interesting the other person is. Have you ever seen someone out of context and it took you a minute or two to recognize them? This has happened to me several times in different situations. In each case, I was happy to see them participating in an activity that I also enjoyed. These types of interactions with others make our connections stronger, enriching both of our lives.

Hopefully you will find something in this blog that will inspire, educate, entertain, and perhaps even challenge you to go out and do whatever it is you are passionate about.

Cheers and thanks for reading.